Wow. Pay homage to this at Coco Crisp’s Afro. Seriously, the A’s cards in 2014 Topps stand out for interesting photos.


Starling Marte

A long, long time ago, I said I’d post my Starling Marte PC when I got to 50 cards. Number 50 and 51 arrived in the mail today, so here they are, all 50, plus 1.

More are always welcome!






And we’re back.

2013 was a bad year. Which is now over. The end.

2014 is full of new adventures, including a new house, which now contains my whole collection of everything, but most significantly for this blog, my baseball cards. That collection grew today, for I have purchased my first jumbo box of Topps, ever! I loved it, I want another. As usual, all I went to the card shop for was boxes and toploaders.

First pack gave me the Verlander Class Ring card, which I am assuming counts as 1 of the 2 relic cards. The lone Starling Marte was the base card, so the chase begins for the 380 parallels and inserts and printing plates and et cetera. I also got a Justin Upton, which is just what I do. Mark DeRosa singlehandedly is going to undo years of coaching the boys to “keep their eye on the ball”, and at least not mix up sports as they tend to do. If my kid ever talks about tip-off of the baseball match before the touchdowns start, it’s Mark’s fault. He either confused them, or they’re so battered by missed catches they can’t concentrate. At least he isn’t smoking.

Some pics below, more posts to come. I promise. No more six month hiatuses. Hiatii. No more going silent for long time periods.

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Mail while we wait

A&G is delayed. Boo! But, now I get to pass time with the ever-growing PC and check out a few other things.

I know readers will be shocked, but I did in fact give in to Bowman Inception, and I was impressed! I only bought one box, and I liked it a lot. I really wanted a Puig redemption, but this wasn’t bad.

InceptionEvery one of these sold on eBay. The Machado was gone within a few hours, and I thought it was odd, but the Joseph relic/auto was the last to go. I kept thinking, “Am I really ‘stuck’ with a patch auto? I’ll take that!” I ended up almost breaking even on the price of the box, and a guy can’t complain about that. The cost was worth it, and I’ll be on this product big time next year.

Of course, most of the money acquired went right back to other eBay sellers, so here’s a gallery of my recent wins. I’ve still got some cool ones, serial numbered/autos/etc. somewhere in the care of the USPS. When I get to 50 Marte’s, I’ll post them all up to celebrate. I did finally get the dang Topps base card! Also not pictured, factory sets of Pacific’s Texas Express Nolan Ryan Series I and II. They were too inexpensive not to have, even though I had a good number of them from packs.

I get to start school in 2 weeks, and have Cub Scout camp with one of the boys next week, so unless I find something fun to post up, I’ll see you after Ginter!

Where I’ve Been, The Short Version

Due to life and work in general and some pretty devastating circumstances, I didn’t live in the same place as my collection for a while. That’s really all I have to say about that, but now I have it, I can put my hands on it, and I have a bunch of time to work on it. So, sorry to be one of those bloggers who went along pretty well for a few months and then disappeared.

Since my last post, a lot has happened! Bowman came out and I failed to resist, my Heritage project made some major moves (special thanks to my LCS‘s dime box!), and I picked up some additions for my Starling Marte collection. The scan here does no justice to the intensity of the Day Glow parallel. The orange border is outrageous. I can hear this card across the room.

2013 Topps Archives Day Glow #43 Starling Marte

2013 Topps Archives Day Glow #43 Starling Marte

I bought an (alleged) Green-Tint 2011 Heritage Minors card of his too, but when it got here, it looked exactly like the Blue-Tint one I already had. I can’t tell, and I’d post a scan, but now I can’t find the “Green” one. It is probably in the lad’s collection now, which is fine.

Meanwhile, my fantasy team is doing great, I finally watched and am now listening to the audio book, Moneyball, and I finished sorting through a 3,000 ct. box of 1990 Donruss. I also participated in one of‘s breaks for the first time, and did ok. I like case breaks, I got into a product I wouldn’t have otherwise, and feel like I did well for the money spent. Of course, getting a Marte out of it would have made me ecstatic, but hey, it was fun, and I wouldn’t have been able to part with a Marte and get any money back out of it at all.

Speaking of money, it is a bit stressful still looking at a huge box of 2012 stuff that needs to go live somewhere else, so I’ll be updating the FT/FS page this week. My inventory at SCF is getting up to date too, so hopefully I get to make lots of trips to the post office soon. None of it is huge, but I have to believe there’s a loving home for some of it.

My new sorting/organizing project is a mixed box of flea-market acquisitions, so I’ll be getting that sorted, scanned, and inventoried at SCF in my spare time this week, while ignoring upcoming lesson plans and whatever else life throws toward me. I still have hopes I’ll be ready to buy a case of A&G next month, but we’ll see. It might fit my wife’s “Ferrari theory”, in which, when I actually have the money to do something, I won’t be able to spend it on such nonsense. We’ll see, but at least keep an eye out for me in case breaks, that was a lot of fun.


Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Burgled Baseball Cards

After carrying it around for two weeks, and laying around my house with a stomach flu for 4 days, I finally pulled this out of my backpack tonight to watch with the boys!

Some of my favorite books from childhood, combined with an obsession that has lasted 30 years and counting, this is going to be the best thing ever! My sons know Encyclopedia Brown, I dressed up like him a few weeks ago for “Favorite Book Character Day” at school and they occasionally indulge me and let me read the books to them while they look at other books before bed. This is going to be great!

As the title screen peels, we see part of Encyclopedia’s desk, and on it is a Cubs hat. I am also currently wearing a Cubs hat exactly like the one on the television. Therefore, my middle son deduces that I am Encyclopedia Brown.

The show opens at the Idaville Baseball Card Bash, and we talk about how they’re at the card show like ours. There’s a silly, nerdy “Greatest Collector in the World” guy being obnoxious about breathing near his cards, so the setting is really like being there, even 30 years later. Of course, there is also Ms. Valentine, who is stupendously rich and wants to buy all the baseball cards, which is nothing like real life now (darn it all), but not too outrageous in 1989. No, she’s over the top. Too over the top. And keep in mind, I’ve spent the preceding hour watching Power Rangers Jungle Fury. It’s for another post, no, another blog altogether, but they have 8 Rangers on that show? Sheesh! For fans of 30-Year Old Cardboard, check out the Hawk poster behind Ms. Valentine!

photo photo(2)

Encyclopedia sees his bodyguard, good ol’ Sally Kimball, at a booth, and correctly guesses she is holding a ’59 Ernie Banks, his favorite card. Oldest son notes that I keep a ’59 Banks on my desk and nods knowingly at me and middle son. He too is convinced, I am Encyclopedia Brown.


Meanwhile, I note that Encyclopedia guesses the card correctly because, he says, that’s the year they used the TV frame. I say, “That’s ’55 Bowman, you fraud,” and start playing karate with youngest son. Maybe I am Encyclopedia Brown.

Anyway, I’ll wrap up my review so I don’t accidentally throw out any spoilers. Some hijinks follow and then the burglary, which my oldest son solves approximately 18 seconds after the crime, earning this an A+ for staying true to the spirit of the books. It was a good way to spend 20-something minutes with the lads without having to endure another episode of Ben 10 with them. I did get a kick out of the props – a lot of familiar posters and oddball common cards. Below are a few more relevant pictures of my TV screen.

photo(4) photo(3) photo(5) photo(6)


Back to health, so back to work tomorrow, and eventually back to actual baseball card collecting business! There is the unexpected Heritage set to finish before I initially resist and then cave in to Bowman in May! For the curious, you can get the video for a few bucks on Amazon or probably for free from the library like I did!

60% of 100% of about 50%

Just a short one to point you to another blog post about another blog post.

Dark Confessions of a Player Collector

Now, from the title I expected something about how he flew to St. Louis to collect pieces of sod from players’ yards or something, but that isn’t the case. It is a good read (pointing to another good read) on the challenges and frustrations, or great joys and accomplishments, in collecting a player’s cards.

I suppose I am settled with never being 100% done with a collection of a specific player, but since I am not really close to that, it is easy to say. I also refuse to go after unlicensed cards, I just don’t count a card if there isn’t a team logo on it, so by some standards I will double-never finish.

That being said, if you find yourself with some Starling Marte cards laying around, I’m interested.

2012 Bowman's Best Prospects Printing Plates Magenta #BBP23 Starling Marte 1/1

2012 Bowman’s Best Prospects Printing Plates Magenta #BBP23 Starling Marte 1/1

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