Besides Baseball

During part of my inadvertent blogging hiatus I visited my parents. Apparently I had not quite finished moving all my cards out of their house, because I had some waiting on me.

Luckily, I love them! A complete 1983 Topps Bears team set!

Besides the Mike Singletary rookie card, probably my favorite player ever, and the funky QB’s RC, check out Dan Hampton’s natural helmet!

Singletary’s rookie now sits on my desk in my own personal Hall of Fame right next to my 1959 Topps Ernie Banks! The rest have a special spot in my keepers boxes.

Even though I’m a baseball card guy, I have a good amount of other sports cards, and non-sports cards, and they are cool enough to deserve a mention. Heck, why not a whole post?

My inventory project has revealed a simple truth about my childhood. I would basically buy (or have bought for me) anything made of paper and approximately 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ with a picture printed on it.

Some randomly selected G.I. Joe cards. These are 1991 Impel products.

Some randomly selected G.I. Joe cards. These are 1991 Impel products.

I loved G.I. Joe. They were without question my favorite toys, and now thanks to Netflix, my sons get to watch the cartoon with me, which is awesome. The story of Serpentor’s creation and demise was instant cause for the young author to be glued to the couch (I hope I told my Mom “I have to watch it. This…I COMMAND!”), and now I can count it as quality time with my progeny.

Looking back through the MANY! G.I. Joe cards I collected brings back a lot of memories. I recall playing with these, so basically I invented Magic: The Gathering. While I apologize for that, I do expect a royalty check or something. I think the oddest part of these for me then, and certainly now, is the “Honor Roll” cards. This suggests that characters died, which is inconceivable!

Young me was also a Star Wars addict, and we had lots of those toys too. I recall frequent bathtub wars fought with G.I. Joe and Cobra recruiting a Stormtrooper or two. Tomax and Xamot versus Skywalker. Epic! Anyway, I have some cards to commemorate my other entertainment refuge.

Return of the Jedi cards

Return of the Jedi cards

I didn’t do a very good job taking care of these. I just punched myself in the arm for that. But these are truly great. The back of each card tells part of the story, so if one managed to get the whole set, they had the whole tale to read and the pictures to go with it. It also included stickers (long gone), and the backs were puzzle pieces. I have some of the pieces, so I’ll have to start searching for those. I have also never, ever, sorted these, I will have to hunt down some cards in better condition and finish out the set. I hope there’s not an update to add in the “enhanced” scenes.

Pope cards

Pope cards


More recently, I started collecting cards featuring the Pope. At first, this was just a way to justify some of my collecting expenses – “See? It’s a holy addiction!”, but it didn’t do that at all. It has been fun to collect these though. There are actually quite a few cards featuring JPII and B16, which is cool. Along with last year’s Allen & Ginter People of the Bible subset, this is a good way for me to combine interests, my love of my Church, and my affinity for cardboard.


History cards

History cards


I have also become a pretty hardcore history nerd in my adulthood, and luckily Topps facilitates my addiction by providing cards based on significant historical figures and events. I spotted the Ben Franklin card (serial numbered to 1776) at Baseball Card Exchange, my beloved LCS, and snagged it. One day I’ll have to go raid the shop for all the oddball history cards. I picked the others up randomly in a trade. Naturally, I’ll be working on the Declaration and Constitution sets. One day, maybe I can get this, this, or this.


Some of my non-baseball and non-sport stuff is just weird for the sake of weird. For Exhibit A, I present my Donruss Americana II Charlie Daniels relic card. That red star is an authentic Charlie Daniels worn something (tie, please be a piece of a tie). And let Exhibit B be the brine shrimp colony I couldn’t leave at the last Legion card show.

Two cards from "The Space Shuttle Collection"

Two cards from “The Space Shuttle Collection”


During our 1986 family vacation, I picked up “The Space Shuttle Collection” cards from the Kennedy Space Center gift shop, and I can remember they had a little box the set was in. The back is plain, with a caption, so they are like baseball card-sized postcards. I know there were more, but I can only find two. I will be hunting for the rest of these too. The  top one is a successful Challenger launch, and the bottom one doesn’t say which shuttle it is. Besides that little mystery, how did they get the photo?




Mysterious Muppet Movie cards

Mysterious Muppet Movie cards

To end my longest post ever, another partial set I really want to finish. My mom is pretty sure these were cut from a cereal box or something, but we really have no idea where they came from. Normally, I would trust my Google-fu, but it has failed me in my effort to find these. The backs are blank, but on Zoot and #11 Kermit, you can see the dotted line someone cut on (or close to) to get the card off of whatever it was printed on. I would love to find the rest of these, and replacements in better condition for the ones here. Spread the word far and wide, I want these pretty badly!


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