Walgreens finally got rid of one of their $4 packs of 100 Baseball Trading Cards today. I had to verify what I already knew. So, here is my first ever Jim’s Baseball Cards pack break results. The actual breaking was quite arduous and involved knives.

1996 Donruss #189 Mark Grace

1996 Donruss #189 Mark Grace

First, Mark Grace. He was on the front of the box, next to a 1997 Collector’s Choice Curt Schilling. I didn’t have this in my Cubs collection, and I was pretty sure I didn’t have the Schilling, in case I ever try to build the ’97 Collector’s Choice set. See how easily I can justify spending money on junk? Cap’n Crunch Robin Yount on the back with a 2000 Bowman Freddy Garcia could be overlooked. I did try to shake the pack around and catch a peek in the middle, thinking perhaps some 1990 Donruss were inside to help me with that project. Of the other packs the store had, this was definitely the winner. To the checkout!

Mattingly showed up two times, and I had several of these Topps Glossy All-Stars from different years. I found the other Mattingly a little bit creepy, actually. “…cast admiring eyes…”? Hm.

1988 Topps Glossy All-Stars #2 Don Mattingly

1988 Topps Glossy All-Stars #2 Don Mattingly

1995 Stadium Club #212 Don Mattingly

1995 Stadium Club #212 Don Mattingly.

I also gained two Rickey Henderson cards, which is great, I have a little PC of him from my youth, and I’m happy to add to it, even though I don’t actively pursue his cards. A PC I do chase after a bit is my Cubs collection, and I gained some there as well. Here are two:

1987 Topps #695 Chico Walker

1987 Topps #695 Chico Walker

1987 Topps Glossy All-Stars #3 Ryne Sandberg

1987 Topps Glossy All-Stars #3 Ryne Sandberg










Sure, it is just Chico Walker (there were also 2 Ed Lynch cards from ’87 Topps, among other non-Cubs), but it did make me think about grading. Now, among my box of ’87 Topps, there stands a small number of pack-fresh cards in the midst of all the rounded corners from when little 10 year old me didn’t care so much. It keeps nagging at me that maybe I should at least slab these.

I don’t want to go on too long, I’ve been trying to get this posted since Sunday! I will add some other interesting ones to a slideshow at the end. I particularly liked the 1995 Studio card, that might be a fun set to build, and I especially like the 1998 Pacific Invincible card of Wally Joyner. I will definitely add that to my list of sets to build one day.

Overall, it was $4 well spent and my general rule of “could I get my money back out of this?” is satisfied here, I think. With some work, some trades, some good fortune, a guy could get $4 for what was in here. I do feel a little bit slighted, I pulled one football card, and it was Jim Arnold, a Lions punter. I got a Rod Carew card, I think my first of him, but it is one of the worst-cut cards I’ve ever had. I’m pretty sure I made exactly the same face he is making in the photo:

1984 Milton Bradley #3 Rod Carew

1984 Milton Bradley #3 Rod Carew

I probably won’t go down and clear off the shelf at my local Walgreens for more of these, but I won’t feel too skeptical about buying one down the road when I have a few bucks burning a hole in my pocket. I think the most interesting thing was the description on the back of the package:

“The products in this package have been purchased directly from the manufacturer or purchased from the secondary market and repackaged for retail sales by The Fairfield Company.” Dear Fairfield, my For Sale/For Trade list is always growing, and I am especially happy to make a deal on approximately 2,700 1990 Donruss cards in NM-MT condition! And I’m working on 1990 Fleer right now!

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2 responses to this post.

  1. i buy those walgreens packs from time to time. i think it’s cheap fun for only 4 bucks. you always get a few championship baseball cards, which are cool to me, and an 86 or 87 all star glossy. pulled a tony larussa and just got it back in the mail signed.


  2. Posted by unclemoe on March 26, 2013 at 11:09 pm

    Not bad.


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