Good Decision!

I decided to go for 2013 Topps Heritage after all. It is a set for me, a set builder. Last year I didn’t like the look, but I’m ok with this year’s. While I type this, I’m looking at a handful of 2011 Heritage and they look ok, why was I cranky last year?

I did record the hobby box break, but given the “…A Real One Autograph or Relic Card in Every Box”, it wasn’t terribly exciting. If you want a break video, Crackin’ Wax busted a Gypsy Queen blaster last night, and I met this guy at the card shop yesterday.

I had already purchased 3 packs, bringing my total to 27 packs. Here is why I love the set, even to the point of probably waving off my attempt to get a hobby case of Allen & Ginter:

  • I have 7 duplicates from the set. 243 cards total, and only 7 were dupes. Last year I would open a box and have some cards 3 deep.
  • I have 215 of the 500 cards in the base set (counting SP’s). I feel like one more hobby box would get me close enough to trade for the rest of my needs if I’m not already.
  • If I do need another box, they are inexpensive. I won’t be paying an extra $30-$40 for 2 more hits that get traded or sold for $1-$2.
  • There is some variety, but nothing like a Gypsy Queen or even Topps Base set. I hate figuring out variations, and since I didn’t pull many parallels, I don’t feel compelled to chase them down.
  • The cards themselves. With a few exceptions, the photos are good and the back of the card instantly took me to 1985 (since I didn’t get to do 1964). I like the trivia questions on the back, and I’m a stats nerd, so thank you Topps for the “Complete Major (and Minor) League Batting/Pitching Record”.
2013 Topps Heritage #144 Darwin Barney (back)

2013 Topps Heritage #144 Darwin Barney (back)

Naturally, there were some disappointments. There are some photos that I thought might give me nightmares. I won’t pick on these guys too much, my face isn’t really made for pictures either, but I think Topps could have picked a little better. I keep thinking of how disappointed the mothers of these players would be, and not just because many of them play for the White Sox. That, and I worried I might not get to sleep like Duente Heath is, because Luis Ayala might get me. I hoped I wouldn’t have a dream that I was a baby and Gavin Floyd was trying to tickle me with a baseball too.

And my “hit” was more of a foul tip, I think. Maybe a bunt.

2013 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics #CCRJG Jaime Garcia

2013 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics #CCRJG Jaime Garcia

I didn’t pull much from the insert sets, which I am glad for, but I like some of the ones I got and will keep them. I got 1 Chrome Refractor, 1 Chrome, and 1 Color Swap Variation. The 1964 Original I got fits my PC nicely too, but not as nicely as the Ernie Banks book card would have.

2013 Topps Heritage 1964 Buybacks #359 Jim Schaffer

2013 Topps Heritage 1964 Buybacks #359 Jim Schaffer

2013 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks #NFTB The Beatles

2013 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks #NFTB The Beatles


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