Where I’ve Been, The Short Version

Due to life and work in general and some pretty devastating circumstances, I didn’t live in the same place as my collection for a while. That’s really all I have to say about that, but now I have it, I can put my hands on it, and I have a bunch of time to work on it. So, sorry to be one of those bloggers who went along pretty well for a few months and then disappeared.

Since my last post, a lot has happened! Bowman came out and I failed to resist, my Heritage project made some major moves (special thanks to my LCS‘s dime box!), and I picked up some additions for my Starling Marte collection. The scan here does no justice to the intensity of the Day Glow parallel. The orange border is outrageous. I can hear this card across the room.

2013 Topps Archives Day Glow #43 Starling Marte

2013 Topps Archives Day Glow #43 Starling Marte

I bought an (alleged) Green-Tint 2011 Heritage Minors card of his too, but when it got here, it looked exactly like the Blue-Tint one I already had. I can’t tell, and I’d post a scan, but now I can’t find the “Green” one. It is probably in the lad’s collection now, which is fine.

Meanwhile, my fantasy team is doing great, I finally watched and am now listening to the audio book, Moneyball, and I finished sorting through a 3,000 ct. box of 1990 Donruss. I also participated in one of LiveCaseBreak.com‘s breaks for the first time, and did ok. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/34513811. I like case breaks, I got into a product I wouldn’t have otherwise, and feel like I did well for the money spent. Of course, getting a Marte out of it would have made me ecstatic, but hey, it was fun, and I wouldn’t have been able to part with a Marte and get any money back out of it at all.

Speaking of money, it is a bit stressful still looking at a huge box of 2012 stuff that needs to go live somewhere else, so I’ll be updating the FT/FS page this week. My inventory at SCF is getting up to date too, so hopefully I get to make lots of trips to the post office soon. None of it is huge, but I have to believe there’s a loving home for some of it.

My new sorting/organizing project is a mixed box of flea-market acquisitions, so I’ll be getting that sorted, scanned, and inventoried at SCF in my spare time this week, while ignoring upcoming lesson plans and whatever else life throws toward me. I still have hopes I’ll be ready to buy a case of A&G next month, but we’ll see. It might fit my wife’s “Ferrari theory”, in which, when I actually have the money to do something, I won’t be able to spend it on such nonsense. We’ll see, but at least keep an eye out for me in case breaks, that was a lot of fun.



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