And we’re back.

2013 was a bad year. Which is now over. The end.

2014 is full of new adventures, including a new house, which now contains my whole collection of everything, but most significantly for this blog, my baseball cards. That collection grew today, for I have purchased my first jumbo box of Topps, ever! I loved it, I want another. As usual, all I went to the card shop for was boxes and toploaders.

First pack gave me the Verlander Class Ring card, which I am assuming counts as 1 of the 2 relic cards. The lone Starling Marte was the base card, so the chase begins for the 380 parallels and inserts and printing plates and et cetera. I also got a Justin Upton, which is just what I do. Mark DeRosa singlehandedly is going to undo years of coaching the boys to “keep their eye on the ball”, and at least not mix up sports as they tend to do. If my kid ever talks about tip-off of the baseball match before the touchdowns start, it’s Mark’s fault. He either confused them, or they’re so battered by missed catches they can’t concentrate. At least he isn’t smoking.

Some pics below, more posts to come. I promise. No more six month hiatuses. Hiatii. No more going silent for long time periods.

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